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Assembly platforms

Assembly platforms

The term "assembly platforms" is a frequently used definition.

The term which is commonly used is "work platforms". As we are often asked by confused public about the differences we have decided to give an explanation.

"Assembly platforms" is more or less a technical term since the first models were constructed for assemblies on building constructions e.g. air-conditioning installation, electricity wires installation, gutters assembly etc.

With time these platforms started being used for commercial purposes, e.g. in film industry, telecommunication, sport and also gardening, building insulation, gutter and window cleaning etc. That was when the term „assembly platforms“ stopped being an appropriate term to describe all their functions. That is why it was replaced with the term „work platforms“.

How to use the terms correctly?

The terms „assembly platforms“, „work platforms“ and „assembly work platforms“ all correspond to the same and should help you find the right goods for you. The term "work platforms" is now commonly used

HMP SERVIS offers you all these categories of platforms.

There are some of the assembly platforms we have on offer.

Truck-mounted assembly platforms:

Assembly platforms

Trailer-mounted assembly platforms:

Assembly platforms

Assembly scissor lifts:

Assembly platforms

Special and terrain assembly platforms:

Assembly platforms Assembly platforms

Column assembly platforms:

Assembly platforms Assembly platforms Assembly platforms Assembly platforms Assembly platforms